Curanderismo Class

I did a presentation for the NMU class on Curanderismo in Albuquerque on July 21st, 2012. I shared with them what it entailed “Being Teresita Urrea.” The class met in a large amphitheater that held over 100 students of all ages. My digital poem “Ode to Teresita” didn’t work from my thumb drive on their laptop so we tried YouTube. Fortunately, I had planned ahead and uploaded it to YouTube. No sound! The movie and poem was to give a review of Teresita’s life before I did my presentation. ¡Ni modo! I went on with the rest of my presentation—at least the Power Point worked while an aide worked on getting the YouTube sound to their laptop. I was able to show the movie after the rest of my presentation. Afterwards Tonita and Rita, two curanderas, presented me with a white Mexican dress embroidered with colorful flowers on the front.

Intro at Curanderismo Class

Introduction at Curanderismo Class

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