Poetry Chapbook

I started working on compiling some of my poetry into a chapbook a couple of weeks ago. Thus far, I’ve got 60 poems in 80 pages—maybe too many for a chapbook. I’m considering the title “Rediscovering My Spirit” and I’ve got the following sections: I. Acknowledging My Ancestors, II. Spiritual Awakening, III. Joy of Friendship, IV. Appreciating Nature, and V. Injustice/Social Justice.

I’m hesitating to go with it as is. Maybe it’s because each one of the sections could be a separate chapbook and that would let me include photographs my husband and I have taken that fit the poems. I guess at least now I have the poems categorized. Separate chapbooks would also allow me to include other poems I’ve written.

Hmm! Lots to think about. Decisions! Decisions! Puts me in mind of a poem that didn’t make the cut. Maybe I should add another stanza to this poem.

Decision Overload

by Elena Díaz Bjorkquist

Minor decisions,

Judgement calls.

Small, large,

Have friends over?

Where to vacation?

Which car to buy?

Look for a new job?

Change careers?

What to fix for dinner?

Ponder, research,

Flood brain with


Weigh pros and cons.

Still indecisive,

Just too many choices.

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