Día de los Muertos Presentation

The presentation I did at the Pinal County Historical Society Museum on el Día de los Muertos went very well. I was pleased that 45 people attended. Most of them had heard of the holiday but the majority didn’t know much about it. I’m glad that I took the approach that I did to share information about it because afterward, many people came up to thank me because they understood what it was about.

I decided to use calaca (skull) makeup and wear a costume to do my presentation to give the audience a flavor of how it’s celebrated in Mexico. My Power Point presentation included many photographs that Kurt and I took when we were in Pazcuaro in 2005 for the celebrations there.

I’m looking forward to doing another presentation of this AHC program on Wednesday, October 24th in Safford at the library at 6:00 PM. Safford is close to Morenci where I was born, so I hope to see many people I knew from Morenci.

Elena in calaca makeup

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